925 zilver
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The jewelry in our range is made of different materials, each of which has its own properties. Most of our jewelry are gold plated or stainless steel. The material the product is made of is mentioned in the description. The properties of the materials can be found below. To let you enjoy your purchase as long as possible, we give you here explanation of how best to treat your jewelry.


Most people love the shiny color of jewelry made from stainless steel. The name says it all: this material does not discolor! Be careful with chlorine, because it can make your jewelry a little rusty. So always take your jewelry off before you go cleaning or in the pool. Stainless steel is a nice, cheaper alternative to 925 silver.


Crazy about gold jewelry, but not so into prices? Then gold plated is definitely your thing. Gold plated jewelry has a base of a different material (eg stainless steel or silver) with a layer of 18 karat gold over it. To keep your jewelry beautiful it is wise to take it off when cleaning, showering and swimming.


925 silver is a wonderful material for jewelry and is perhaps one of the most popular materials. Silver shines beautifully, is strong and lasts a long time. After a while, your silver jewelry may darken. By polishing your piece of silver jewelry with a special silver polish, you ensure that your silver jewelry will last a very long time!